TREE Foundation has gained national recognition as an expert in areas related to sea turtle conservation, flipper tagging, satellite tagging, stranding and rescue, rehabilitation and necropsy procedures. Government officials, communities, fishers and the general public notify us when they find stranded, injured or dead marine wildlife. Our rescue/rehabilitation team has successfully rehabilitated Olive Ridley, Hawksbill and Green turtles. In partnership with the state veterinary college, we have conducted numerous necropsies on both sea turtles and marine mammals. The Foundation holds all required permissions from State bodies and also operates the only sea turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Tamil Nadu. We have developed a number of field research strategies including:

Standardized Data Recording for the State of Tamil Nadu. A standardized data sheet designed by TREE Foundation for the state is used for accurate and centralized data maintenance and analysis. TREE Foundation has undertaken the compiling and analyzing the data for the state Forest Department.

Provides internship for graduate student for sea turtle study. TREE Foundation maintains a field based research database to assist graduate interns to conduct research that will benefit sea turtle conservation in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Providing Internship for graduate students in sea turtle and marine life projects. Using the network with the biology departments of various colleges, there is a mutual benefit for the graduates in being involved hands-on in the conservation program, and for TREE Foundation in scientific data collection.

Integration and Strengthening Network of Conservationists. Based on informative data, discuss threats to sea turtle populations with government officials, other NGOs, and empower sea turtle conservation groups through annual state and national level meetings and workshops and provide regular summaries to the Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter and IOSEA. A comprehensive ‘Sea Turtle Conservation Action Plan’ was prepared and submitted by TREE Foundation to the state Forest Department of Tamil Nadu, authorities to enable the initiation of a sea turtle conservation program for 7 coastal districts of the state. TREE Foundation, working in close cooperation with the Forestry and Fisheries Departments has attained all necessary official written permissions to work with endangered species and species protected under the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.

Intensifed research in order to bring science to the general public

Olive Ridley turtle satellite tagged

Green turtle satellite tagged