Biodiversity Awareness

Biodiversity is vital for supporting all life on Earth. It provides all of our food, many industrial products and medicines and countless ecosystem services. Biodiversity also ensures clean air, water and fertile soils, it provides opportunities for recreation, tourism, scientific research and education, and it is a source of cultural identity for us. Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy, functioning ecosystems upon which all life depends. Because biodiversity is integral to the lives of everyone and is a topic that needs more attention than ever because of the impacts of a rapidly growing human population, we have chosen biodiversity and its conservation through intensive awareness programs to teachers, students and general public. Only by understanding and gaining an appreciation for it can we protect it.

The environment is made up of all of the living and non-living elements that surround, interact with, and influence us. Biological diversity, or biodiversity, refers to both the variety and interdependence of living things in our environment.

People depend on a healthy and biologically-diverse environment to meet their basic needs for food, water, and shelter, as well as to enrich their lives in many other ways.

Marine Naturalist Workshop

For budding marine conservationists or anyone with an interest in the marine environment the Marine Naturalist Workshop serves as a springboard in to the world of being a Marine Naturalist. Due to the ongoing pandemic the Marine Naturalist Workshops have been postponed until further notice.

As an ecosystem slowly changes over time so  do the inhabitants of that ecosystem evolve and adapt to ensure their continued survival.

Biodiversity Trail and Workshop


The Foundation is organizing a one day Biodiversity Trail and workshop (From 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM) at our Biodiversity Education Centre adjoining the Elephant Care Facility at Kurumbaram(115 kms from Adyar- approximately 1 hour 45 minutes away) that will bring the wonders of nature to the students’ consciousness. This workshop will include nature trailing, interactive educative activities and watching the elephants first hand. The initiative has been tailored to the age group of Class 7 students and we would request you to give your kind consideration to committing your Class 7 students to attend this Biodiversity trail and workshop as part of their annual excursion / field study trip.

By getting involved in our Biodiversity Education Program your school will be offering students an opportunity to reconnect with nature, something that is verily the basic requirement to live in harmony with nature and woefully impossible to enjoy in the hustle and bustle of urban environment. Children today are the future guardians of the planet, only through understanding the plight of captive elephants and the importance of biodiversity would they be able to effect positive changes for both elephants and wider biodiversity in the future.

A donation/ fees of Rupees 300 (Two hundred Only) per student will be collected towards the one Day Biodiversity Trail and workshop. We will be grateful if your school would confirm the number of students, 2 weeks before the workshop and handover the donation / fee amount by cheque addressing to “Tree Foundation”

Notice: Biodiversity Trail & Workshop 2021

Due to the ongoing health situation the bookings for the workshop is closed. Once Schools open further details will be announced across our social media.  Each one of us has the power to make a change for the better for our environment. 

An important aspect of biodiversity that is not always apparent in the interconnectedness between all species, their interdependence upon each other in order to survive.  

Teachers Biodiversity Training and Awareness Workshop

The TREE Foundation, Roots & Shoots India – Dr. Jane Goodall International Network and National Biodiversity Authority of India along Department of Education in each State organizes a one-day Biodiversity and Eco Training Conference for teachers interested in inspiring future generations to be environmentally responsible individuals. The conference focuses on the importance of biodiversity awareness in education, formation of Roots & Shoots eco-groups in schools and also spearheading Eco-projects on campus. This conference calls for the foundation of environment education to become the beacon for the conservation and preservation of biodiversity that is an essential element of life. With this exposure teachers will be better equipped to bring the environment into the classroom and connect students with their natural surroundings. This conference’s mission is to increase the ability of high school teachers to integrate environmental education into curricula so that students are prepared to be a part of environmental solutions.

Most native plants and animals have evolved over many thousands or millions of years. They have evolved based on their interaction with other species in their ecosystem.

One way in which this can be presented is by food chains and webs. This diversity is the astounding array of microbes, plant and animal species that perform a vital role in the web of life.