Schools & Colleges Education Program

Understanding the importance of the role education in changing behaviours and attitudes, TREE Foundation has been conducting education and awareness programs in schools and colleges throughout the 3 states where there are TREE Foundation conservation programs. Our programs are tailored to the relevant age groups and student types but all programs share the same goal – to make the students aware of the role they can play in protecting both the marine and terrestrial environments. As the leaders of the Jane Goodall Institutes’ ‘Roots & Shoots’ in India, TREE Foundation has taken on the responsibility of conducting comprehensive education programs throughout coastal communities along the east coast. 

Roots & Shoots

To learn more about our commitments through Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots India program please click below.

Public Outreach

TREE Foundation conceptualized, designed and built a marine biodiversity awareness float to create awareness and promote a better understanding of the marine environment in coastal communities along the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coasts. To date the float has been driven to 112 villages and 41 schools and has been viewed by 56,000 people of all ages and all socio-economic groups. At many of the villages Sea Turtle Protection Force members gave talks to the local communities on marine biodiversity and the importance of protecting sea turtles and the wider marine environment.