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Board of Trustees

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Dr. Marabathina Prabhakara Rao, PhD in Philosophy, aged 62 years is a humanitarian at heart. He has dedicated a large part of his life to the academic study of Advaita Vedanta, Indian philosophy and applies the teachings and concept to his every day life. He was introduced to yoga and mediation from an early age by his paternal uncle, which he practices to this day. He is passionate about helping youth, women and people from all walks of life in understanding themselves and achieving their highest potential. He is one who lives with minimal requirements and leads a simple yet fulfilled life.

Upon completing his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Madras in 1999, he continued to serve in the academic community as a visiting scholar including to the Catholic University, Washington DC, USA.

As one of the earliest volunteers of TREE Foundation, he was instrumental in extending the community based Sea Turtle Conservation Program to Andhra Pradesh. Being a native of Nellore he established the community based sea turtle conservation program in Nellore District which then expanded to the entire coast of Andhra Pradesh except Kakinada and Vishakhapatnam. He was inducted as a trustee in 2014 and he assists in all the  different programs of the trust. 

He has specialised in communicating with animals and the environment through various Vedic meditation techniques. He worked closely with 3 elephants that had come from a traumatic captive condition and helped them heal from their PTSD working and meditating with them regularly. He believes that one should be able to see oneself in all.

Dr. A Pradeep Kumar aged 62 years is a native of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.Pradeep Kumar completed his MBBS from S.V. Medical College, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Dialectology from Madras University, Tamil Nadu.

His life changing experience was when he volunteered for the cyclone relief at Divi Seema District, Andhra Pradesh in 1977. He was just a teenager then, distributing food packets and helping in burying the corpses and carcasses of both human and animals. He also continued to help the victims by building temporary bamboo shelters. It was during those days that he developed a deep interest in becoming a medical doctor for the primary purpose of serving the poor and the downtrodden. He was a member of the SBMC Blood Donors Association and has donated blood multiple times. 

Being a Life Member of The Indian Red Cross Society, Nellore Branch, gave him the opportunity to involve in many social service activites. He has also held posts in Central Government Regional Hospital, Churcha, Madhya Pradesh and State Government Hospital, as Medical Officer In Rural Areas. 

He conducted free medical camps in remote hilly tribal areas and during epidemics he has participated in multiple free medical camps in villages around Nellore.

On Sundays he regularly visits old age homes and orphanages to distribute medicines to the needy free of cost. He continues to serve the economically backward to this day at his private hospital ‘Pavan Praja Vaidya Sala’ in Nawabpet, Nellore.

As someone with integrity, who is passionate about protecting and preserving all life, as we at TREE Foundation are, he is a perfect trustee for TREE Foundation.

Core Management Committee

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John Flynn - Founder & Conservation Director, Wildseas.

From an early career in marketing and graphic design, John has spent over the last decade building his experience in community based sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation after a short time in Greece initially where he was introduced to the area of marine conservation by experienced conservationist, Neil Davis who would subsequently become Co-founder of Wildseas. From 2011 John continued to build his experience in Africa, India and Asia.

Because of the nature of their work and high level of interaction with endangered sea turtles, his programs focus on the importance of involving artisanal fishermen in the conservation process. Through the ‘Safe Release’ program he developed, the NGO of which he is Founder, Wildseas, has garnered the cooperation of many artisanal fishermen, primarily in the Western Region of Ghana. With their support, today by-catch turtles are released alive instead of being sold or consumed as had traditionally been the case with many of the artisanal fisherfolk. Through the program, John’s team has helped rescue, tag many, and release over 2,000 turtles to date.

John and his team take a multidisciplinary approach to conservation by working to educate artisanal fishermen who form the backbone of his programs along with involving local communities, youth and government officials. He has also brought his experience to other NGOs and in 2019 launched the ‘Safe Release’ program in The Gambia in partnership with a local NGO, Smile For Life The Gambia. A similar program is also being launched in Senegal modeled on the Wildseas ‘Safe Release’ program in the near future.

He has worked closely with TREE Foundation on a number of important initiatives including the first of their kind pelagic TED trials with the trawl fleet at Kasimedu harbor and assisted in the development of TREE Foundations newly launched ‘Ghost Net’ retrieval initiative.

John is a Fellow of the Marine Conservation Action Fund of the New England Aquarium while Country Head for Ghana, Eric Quayson, was chosen as one of the Top 100 Young African Conservationists for 2021.

M.Sc. Marine Biology
Honourary Community Based Marine Conservation Program Advisor

10 years of service with the TREE Foundation

CK is Chief Operating Officer at AlerrtOps, and will be managing all operations, in the US and India. As part of our growth strategy CK will incubate and setup up our captive center in India, to increase capacity and create
cost offset options.

Before joining AlertOps, CK worked with CNSI to set up the Center for Technology and Innovation in India growing its team from 10 people in 2004, to about 600 employees. CK had earlier founded Cyber Korp, an IT services and solutions company in 1996, providing services to companies like Pepco, Fannie Mae, NavTec, WAMU and RMIC. CK also delivered database, systems and application administration and performance consulting to various companies including JI Case, Entergy, Fannie Mae, Sybase, Watson Wyatt/CitiStreet,
PWC, MicroStrategy, and TimeWarner/AOL etc.

CK has over 33 years of expertise in Customer Success managing Technology, Management and Operations; having served in many different capacities and positions in India from 1987 to 1991 and then in the US from 1991 till date.

CK holds two Post Graduate Diplomas, one in Systems Management and Post Graduate Diploma (1987) in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (1987). He also holds a Masters in Historical Studies (2017) and Bachelor of Commerce (1985) from the University of Madras, India.

CK splits his time between the US and India. His wife, Rekha and two children currently live in India, after
having migrated back from the US.

M.A. History, PG Dip in Systems Mgmt, P.G. Dip in Personnel Mgmt & IR
Honourary Event Coordinator

11 years of service with the TREE Foundation

Mechanical Engineer by training, Saeef is a dynamic person who as a young school boy was awarded the President’s Scout Award.
After gaining 12 years of experience in production and application of thermal insulation in the UAE, he returned to India in 2010 to raise his daughter in a nature-rich environment. He then established his own business, Roof Xperts India (a member of Indian Green Building Congress), which provides thermal insulation and waterproofing for buildings.
Saeef is also a passionate environmentalist. He is the Rescue and Rehabilitation Head (Hon) and Green Initiatives Head (Hon) at TREE Foundation India, and Director (Hon) at Elefriends 101 (Tamil Nadu’s First Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for Captive Elephants). He put his engineering skills to good use in designing the enrichments, periphery and various other infrastructure requirements at the centre for the elephants where they were enjoying a life free from chains. He believes that each plant and animal has a distinct personality and one should be in the moment with your pets or pants and then we can be open to their needs. His deep love for animals inspires him to bring varied experiences to the children at Neev a primary school. He believes that a child who is able to understand the inner connection with nature would never grow up to harm nature as an adult.
He is also trained in Pranic healing. He uses his healing for humans and animals too.
He is gifted with excellent hand skills and enjoys constructive hand work. The entire infrastructure and the innovative outdoor play area at Neev goes to his credit. Also, the outdoor play area for junior school at The School-KFI, Talambur campus was designed and fabricated by him. With his passion for work and deep love for all, he inspires children not by teaching but by being the person that he is.
No matter the time of the day or night he is always available for anyone who needs help.

B.E Mechanical
Honourary Head of Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and Coordinator Marine Litter Program

11 years of service with the TREE Foundation

Ph.D in Veterinary Surgery
On call Veterinarian and Honourary Rescue Rehabilitation Advisor

18 years of service with the TREE Foundation

Retired Chief of Marine Zoological Station for Zoological Survey of India. Masters in Zoology
Honourary Advisor- Marine Mammal Conservation

14 years of service with the TREE Foundation

Advisory Board - Honorary

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Wallace J. Nichols, PhD, is an innovative and entrepreneurial scientist, a renowned marine biologist, a wild-water advocate, a best-selling author, and a sought-after lecturer. ... Nichols has authored more than 200 scientific papers, technical reports, book chapters, and popular publications.

Dr Wallace J. Nichols​

Marine Conservationist

Specialized international biodiversity management, conservation, and policy with a focus on sea turtles. Her research has taken her throughout the Western Atlantic and into the Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Tropical Pacific, and Southeast Asia. She is a valued consultant to governments, inter-governmental bodies, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Dr Karen L Eckert

Community Based Sea Turtle Conservation

Dr Kelly Stewert

Sea Turtle Conservation – Population Study

Assistant Professor / Education Consultant,

Mckendree University,

Benton. Illinois, United States.

Dr Jean Beasley

Rescue & Rehabilitation on Sea Turtles

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Randall Wells is Senior Scientist, Program Manager, employed by the Chicago Zoological Society and based at Mote Marine Laboratory as the Director of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program, "the world's longest-running study of a dolphin population." This study, initiated at Mote in 1970 and continued through a partnership involving Mote, CZS, and collaborators from around the world, examines the biology, behavior, ecology, health, and human impacts on dolphin populations in Florida and elsewhere, and engages in conservation research training, education, and mitigation activities.

Dr Randall Wells

Marine Conservationist

Fondly known as Tony Tucker, his research interests are life history, evolution and conservation biology of vertebrates, with specific interests in how fluctuating environments can influence population dynamics. He is Actively involved in sea turtle research since 1979. On loggerhead turtles in Georgia, Florida, Australia, and Oman; Leatherback turtles in Puerto Rico and French Guiana; Hawksbill turtles in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Australia; Olive Ridley turtles in Costa Rica, French Guiana, and India; Kemp’s Ridleys in Florida; green turtles in Puerto Rico, Australia, and Malaysia; Flatback turtles in Australia.

Dr Anton D Tucker

Research Scientist

Conservation Coordinators

TREE Foundation’s Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinators strength is the support they have garnered from various departments, like the Forest Department, who grant the permissions for sea turtle conservation and also pay stipends to many STPF members.

The Fisheries Department coordinates meetings between TREE Foundation and fishermen community, trawlers, thus helping to disseminate information and maintain a productive working relationship with them. The Coastal Security Group/police ensure that wildlife and fisheries regulations are enforced. The Indian Coast Guard conducts annual Safety at Sea programs and health camps for numerous fishing communities. Ongoing consultation and workshops with all the enforcement departments to reduce sea turtle mortality through viable solutions and effect policy change.

Importantly, all the coordinators are involved in a comprehensive schools education program reaching approximately 30,000 students each year. This campaign is run in partnership with the Dr. Jane Goodall Institutes Roots & Shoots Volunteer Program of which TREE Foundation is the Founder member for India.

To date over 300,000 students have benefitted from the partnership and 400 schools have enrolled in the ‘Ocean Guardian School Program’. Being associated with such a prestigious organization gains the coordinators’ respect from the schools where they conduct essential biodiversity educational programs, motivating children to become ambassadors for nature.

P. Sundeep, 33

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

K. Someswar Rao, 34

Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

T.A.Pugalarasan, 38

Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu

K. Nagaraju, 44

Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

S.Chandra Reddy, 52

Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh

B. Kamayya, 31

Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

Ganapati Sahu, 36

Ganjam, Odisha

Key Strengths of Conservation Coordinators


Ability to network with local chiefs and involve communities in conservation.


Liaise with the various enforcement departments.


Ability to motivate STPF members in their community-based conservation program.


Encourage local community to take part in conservation programs.


possess communication skills to garner support from all stakeholders.


Build working relationships with staff of Forest and Fisheries department.