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Tsunami Rehabilitation

The following is a chronological sequence of our relief work. (We update this page often.)

During the first phase of our relief work, 19,250 packets of food, water etc. were supplied.

9th Jan

58 students and 10 Staff from Alpha College of Arts and Science visited Pannayur village and took a survey for the census of families and actual boat owners.

10th Jan

Empowering our KAP (Sea Turtle Protection Force) members in all the villages through a series of meetings to plan an accurate budget for the immediate requirements for fishing.

13th Jan

Sooriya Hospital , Saligramam, Chennai - 600 093 in association with Alpha College of Arts and Science conducted a medical camp in Pannaiyur and treated for 251 people with the assistance of KAP .

14th Jan

V A TECH WABAG has come forward to service and change spare parts of 25 engines.

15 th Jan onwards

KAP and Village Elders are meeting with us for a sustainable long term development program-(All 5 Villages):

1. Cease Engine repair

2. Repair of Fiber Boats by TREE - For Neelangarai and Injambakkam (2 KAP memberes of Injambakkam will be doing the service and labour free). For Nainar - Uthandi and Kannathur (3 KAP members will be doing the repair service - Free)

3. Organize a clean up of the village with the people of the village - Date to be fixed by the elders.

4. Plan to build 2 sets of Toilets - site to be decided by the elders (All youth will participate in the execution work)

5. Plan to set up a KAP corpus fund with which to maintain the cleanliness and development of the village - elders to decide how much to put in every week towards fund (From the catch)

15th Jan

Captain Nandakumar has come forward to take up the immediate needs of Pannaiyur.

16th Jan

Evaluation of damaged boats has been done to begin work from 18 th of Jan, 05.

19th Jan

Started the repair of Boats in Injambakkam.

23rd Jan

Completed the repair of eleven Boats in Injambakkam.

24th Jan

Started the repair of Boats in Periya Neelangarai.

27th Jan

Completed the repair of seven Boats in Periya Neelangarai.

29th Jan

Completed the repair of all engines in (20nos) Periya Neelangarai and (21nos) Injambakkam

2nd Feb

Started the repair of Boats in Nainar Kuppam- Uthandi.

5th Feb

Conducted Census survey of village.-_ Alpha College of Arts and Science coordinated a medical camp in Injambakkam and treated 151 people for fever and cold.

6th Feb

Completed boat repairs in Nainar Kuppam-12 boats.

Government schemes are pending since there is no clarity between the deciding authorities. Damaged Kattumaram owners can opt to take a loan for a fiber boat , engine and a set of nets1,56,000 with a 35% subsidy and repayment over a period of 7 years.

7th Feb

3 Villages have confirmed the members of the KADAL AAMAI PADHUKAVALARGALL GIRAMA MEMPATU KUZU -(Sea Turtle Protection Force Village development team).

9th Feb

Reddy Kuppam Kannathur- 20 Youth forming a Self Help Group - 4th group meeting

The following can be sponsored by the donors for the scheme "BOATS BACK TO SEA" (View Gallery)

Tree foundation has been able to complete the repairs to boats and will soon complete the repairs to engines by this week. Trial test sail in the ocean to be done soon - all are welcome.

But the following is yet to be done if possible:

a. Boats

  • New fiber boat for fishing each Rs 80,000.00 - Rs. 40,00,000
  • Needed 50 nos. (For five villages)

b. Engine

  • New Engine each Rs.36,000.00 - Rs. 18,00,000
  • Needed 50 nos. (For five villages)

c. Variety of Nets for immediate use for fishermen in the 5 villages.

Type of net

Weight per head

Total weight

Total cost

Mani net


1200 kg

Rs. 7,20,000

Kavala net


1700 kg

Rs. 9,35,000

Pannu net


1700 kg

Rs. 11,05,000

Melapu net


1700 kg

Rs. 12,00,000

Arai net


1700 k.g

Rs. 11,12,000

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