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TREE Foundation , being a Member of Dr.Jane Goodall's Roots &Shoots International Network and TREE Foundation's Kadal Aamai Padhukavalargall Gramma Mempatu Kuzhu's (SEA TURTLE PROTECTION FORCE VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT TEAMS ) members, invites all to come and Join the GAINT PEACE DOVE BOAT RALLY ON SEA

Boat Rally on the Sea, along the coast starts at 8 am with all the Giant Peace Doves Hoisted on Boats from Nainar Kuppam, Uthandi –Reddy Kuppam ,Kannathur and then sails back passing Pannaiyur ,Injambakkam and Periya Neelangarai and then ends at Injambakkam Fishing Village .

Peace is not just a word but the path to progress. All progress comes from Peace. When problems such as, conflicts, confusions, disturbances and disasters happen, if one could only look into the actual reasons and face the situations without fear, even the most difficult conditions can be solved and self confidence, unity, mutual understanding, in relationships can happen within individuals, families, villages and states. TREE Foundation celebrates UN Peace Day every Year with the Giant Peace Dove rally with the hope to inculcate this massage of Peace.

This year the Peace Rally is being conducted on the sea along the coast, with the Giant Peace Doves Hoisted on Boats. This is to indicate the need for Peace and hormony among the commonly fragile Fisher folk relationships. Tree aims at establishing a strong bondage of understanding between the sections of the fishing community from Reddy Kuppam Kannathur ,Nainar Kuppam Uthandi, Pannaiyur ,Injanbakkam and Periya Neelangarai. (The five villages where the Youth and children members of KAP live)And also enable them to understand the need to care for the fragile coastal biodiversity which is the source of their livelihood.

“If we are to reach real Peace in this World, we shall have to begin with the children” 
-  Mahatma Gandhi

A photo exhibition of the works (Environment Education, Sea Turtle Protection, Peace Education, and Post Tsunami Rehabilitation) of TREE Foundation and the works jointly executed by Tree Foundation's Kadal Aammai Pathukavalargall during the past 3 years, will be on show at 1 Kalakruti Avenue , opp Prarthan Drive- in Theatre, Injambakkam, Chennai.

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